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Superior Performance
  • Wet
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Saving
  • 13inch
  • 14inch
  • 15inch
  • 16inch
  • 17inch
  • 18inch
Suitable vehicle types
  • Sedan

The 030ex uses blended compound offers fuel efficiency and performance in wet conditions.

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Nano-level blend technology controls the chemical reaction of different substances, each with unique characteristics.

High precision, comprehensive balance of fuel efficiency, wet conditions, wear resistance and more.

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Countless tests and simulations ensure that the best performance, uneven abrasion resistance and noise reduction of the 030Ex has been obtained.

A tread pattern you can count on at any speed.

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The 030Ex AL30’s special structure is tuned for each different size to minimize weight and maximize fuel efficiency.

The shape of the tyre adopts flat structure, maximizing contact area during breaking, and improving grip performance.

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