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Superior Performance
  • Handling
  • Dry
  • Asymmetric
  • High Speed
  • Comfort
  • Wet
  • 16inch
  • 17inch
  • 18inch
  • 19inch
  • 20inch
  • 25inch
  • 21inch
  • 22inch
  • 23inch
Suitable vehicle types
  • Sports car

Product Features


Handles precisely as intended

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Matrix body ply structure enhances steering stability

Improves precision in steering without compromising comfort. Contributes to excellent performance in tKe dry by conYeying power to tKe roadbs surface.

Mound prorle enhances steering stability With mound prorle [ADVAN Sport V105]

In order for the ground contact pressure to be proportionate when making contact with the road surface, we optimized the cross-sectional shape of the tread.

A quiet and comfortable ride

Reduces external rolling noise

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